Me, My Work and I – the how to have a balance life!

We are living in luxurious time. The secrets of beauty are no longer reserved only for the privileged circle! It is the time of the golden era of awareness around health and self-care. And you know well how to nourish your body so it can serve you best for long time. To have a healthy skin you need to take care of it both from the outside and from the inside. And you know that this includes not only buying high quality cosmetic products, drinking plenty of water, paying attention to your diet, and exercising regularly. But also having high quality sleep, having a rhythm, having fun, enjoying positive vibes and reducing stress level. You surely have some way of mindfulness (me-time, meditation, yoga, being close to nature). Great! Sadly, you also know that knowledge of all those secrets even together with the awareness – is not enough! And no doubt you heard that before – knowing and doing are two different things.

Here it is – your guide, your cheat-sheet of the doing part! My mission and dream is for you to uncover your balance. So you can take care of yourself, your body and your skin by reducing stress to minimum (zero?) and replacing it with joy, confidence, self-trust and your full potential. Is that even possible? Sounds complex and too-good-to-be-true. Yes, it is possible and yes, it does sounds unrealistic. So let me guide you and untangle it for you! Ready? Here we go!

  • 1. Awareness – what is your relationship with work-life balance?

I cannot count how many different definitions of work-life balance I have heard. Although I have not done any statistics, I am tempted to say: there are as many opinions as there are heads! Make sure it is you who defines your work-life balance description! And then, deepen the awareness and dare to note all your believes related to work-life balance. I like to call it work-life symbiosis.

I will refer a lot to self-communication, so let’s clear it up already in the beginning! Self-communication is the key and a baseline for everything you want to achieve and become. The manner we inform about, convey and relate to ourselves is crucial. Let me give you one quick example, so we are all on the same page. Your close friend just got fired and called you the very next minute, still being shocked, stressed and emotionally loaded. Would you consider telling her/him that it is no surprise as she/he worked towards it for the last months? Or would you rather keep that for another occasion, and during that call would you just support and comfort her/him? But what if that friend was yourself? I am guessing rarely or perhaps never ever, you would offer yourself the same empathy and consolation you are ready to give your friends. And I trust that you sense how huge the difference and impact is. It is support, enhancing trust and relief versus shame, loss of confidence and disappointment.

  • 2. Honesty – be fair with yourself: what is missing in my life?

One of the essential parts of self-communication is honesty towards yourself. Invite these judgy and critical voices you hear in your head for a drink in a different room. Allow yourself to be curious and open-minded. Be fair with yourself and answer to yourself: what am I missing? What am I longing for? What do I want to have more of? What do I want to say NO to in my life and career?

  • 3. Work-life symbiosis – fully tailored to your values and your dreams.

There is no secret formula to be and feel balanced in your life. So better stop searching for it and invest that time on building your work-life-symbiosis. Make it in line with your own definition, make it authentic, tailor it to your values and dreams. You are the only person who knows what you need to feel empowered, happy and to be in your flow, in your harmony. Yes, you have all of that! Now, to get there, you need to start trusting yourself, you need to start listening to yourself and let your self-confidence kicks in.

  • 4. Self-confidence

We all want to be self-confident, and we want it because it rocks! It is powerful, appealing and fulfilling! Are you struggling to be self-confident? What is limiting your confidence? I have for you the not-so-magical way to change that! The good news are that it is simple and easy, the bad news are… wait, there are no bad news!

Here is the deal:

With self-listening – you will discover what your work-life symbiosis is.

With self-trust – you will have certainty that it is truly okay, that it is serving you and that you know what to do.

With self-confidence – you will have the power to apply it, to make it real. You will not care about others judgements or praises. You will own it and rock it!

This not-so-magical part really breaks down only to listening to yourself, and the self-trust, self-confidence and work-life-symbiosis will follow!

  • 5. Self-listening

It is a relief, is it not? Only one key part that one needs to focus on and ameliorate! And then the question comes: how the hell am I going to listen to myself more often, more deeply and more truly? I hear you, I have been there and I am here for you. It is straightforward and there is no wrong way of doing it! Firstly, make time and space – schedule a 1:1 meeting with yourself! Invite yourself on a real date! Feel the anticipation, prepare and get ready. And when you go for your date, enjoy it. Kill all the distractions – no phone, no walking the dog, no exercising, no audiobook in the background. Just you and yourself. Both your true self and your full self. Enjoy that company! Take a deep breath, or few. Focus on you and yourself. Notice. Notice it all. Every voice that is present. Every thought that will come. Every feeling. Every emotion. Do not judge. Do not interpret. Notice. Listen. Acknowledge. Focus on what is marginalized, what is silenced and pushed away. Give it a voice, get curious and ask those voices some questions! Same as on the any other date, you do want to make the best impression. Listen with intention to understand. Finally, you do not need to take any actions, or make promises to yourself. Just do it regularly. Every minute counts. And then wait, let it change you. Give yourself permission to experience the power of listening, and of being heard.

  • 6. Relationship with yourself

People will treat you the way you show them. Teach them how they should communicate with you and how to respect your boundaries. Guide them towards what you like and who you truly are. And this is where it circles back – you first need to know all of that about yourself. You need to invest in uncovering yourself, being honest and caring to yourself. Your confidence will grow and your relationship with yourself will get stronger and deeper. At the end, you are the only person who is always present there for you. Develop a relationship that you can always count on, that will always support you!

  • 7. Make it real!

Having a balanced life is more than just following a structure! There is no secret formula, and you are the only person holding a key to your happy and fulfilled life! Work-life symbiosis is a process, a lifestyle, so give yourself time and love to get there. And remember to enjoy the journey! It is your choice, and this choice is your superpower! Be conscious and intentional. Be curious, be authentic, be daring and fierce! Be yourself! You are awesome and powerful!

Make it real – schedule now your 1:1 and do that first step towards life and career you are dreaming about. Make it real – design your own ‘Me, My Work and I’ symbiosis.

Zuzanna Borek Fierce Unicorn

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